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As a traditional Chinese medine, Ginseng (Panax Ginseng C.A. Meyer)could help the health from many ways. Either used in energy drink or herbal tea, it could help people to fresh up instantly. Sino-Nature could supply various kinds of ginseng, no matter white or red, main root or tails.


Low pesticide and nice quality. 4-6 years old.

For food and pharmaceutical. In accordance with EU regulation.


Ginseng red mixed tails
Ginseng red whole
Ginseng red whole
Ginseng white whole
Ginseng white mixed tails
Ginseng white flake
Ginseng in the field
Ginseng flower

Ginseng root white, whole

Ginseng root white, mixed tails

Ginseng root red, whole

Ginseng root red, mixed tails

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